Packing Tips for Shipping Your Console

Packing Tips for Shipping Your Console

When shipping your items to GameBoxFix, even though the items may already be damaged, we
would hate for a larger repair to be needed due to improper shipping. To ensure your item’s
safety during transportation we have supplied an article addressing proper postal packaging.
Immediately after filling out the repair request form, you will be emailed a completed shipping
label to send your items to us. A box is not provided but can be recycled from a prior transaction
or purchased from a retailer.

If you are shipping a console into our store, lay the console flat along the bottom of the box and
use packing peanuts or other postal stuffing to ensure the console will not be damaged further
during transportation.

If shipping a controller, please use an appropriate size box to limit the bouncing or sliding. In
addition, wrapping the controller with bubble wrap or filling the voids with packing stuffers will
greatly reduce the chance of further damage being done to your items.
Affiliated distribution centers will print labels as well as properly tape the package for you, free
of charge. If you choose to seal the package yourself, please utilize packaging tape! Do not use
regular Scotch tape to seal your packages for shipment.

For any questions on our packaging policies, please contact us at: 1-888-GAMEBOX

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We are a family owned business that has been repairing consoles for over 10 years. We have been through the original the Xbox Red Ring of Death, the Playstation YLOD and the Wii video output failures. There are not many things we haven’t seen.

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