Similar to the Playstation upon release, Microsoft also had some negative
backlash from the community regarding the next generation Series X and S consoles.
However, the majority of issues seen with the new Microsoft consoles are the laser- disc
player and old generation games becoming corrupted on the new generation console.

Although it is not uncommon for the public to expose an issue in the product to
the developers after release. It is uncommon to keep repeating the same actions that
caused an issue in the past. This is exactly what Microsoft has done with the cheaply
made laser- disc player seen in the Xbox One, X1S, and the new generation console
being the Series X. According to owners of the Series X, the laser- disc player and
processor has been either declining to read the games inserted into the drive, or accept
the disc into the console followed by a series of clicking or loud fan noises.

Microsoft has been aware of this situation since the Xbox One but did little to nothing to
fix the issue. Microsoft will replace the console if the warranty sticker is not removed or
tampered with but this process can likely take up to weeks for the console to be
replaced and returned.

Another larger complaint coming from the Xbox community is an issue with
playing older generation games on the new console. Microsoft released a statement
saying games that were downloaded to an external hard drive on older generations
would have to be reinstalled to the new generation’s internal hard drive in order to stop
receiving an error code for corrupted images. This error code renders the game and
console useless. Another reason for a corrupted image error code can be from trying to
run 4K resolution on an older model HDMI cord. To play at 120 hertz you will need an
HDMI 2.1 cable or newer.

If you are struggling with one of the issues discussed in this article. Watch this video for
solutions or tips on how to prevent or stop this from happening again

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