Common Issues with Playstation 5 Consoles

Common Issues with Playstation 5 Consoles

Since the release of the Playstation 5 in November of 2020, gamers have been
reporting issues regarding the hardware of the console. The majority of the Playstation
community was excited for a more powerful and efficient console being released but
immediately became underwhelmed when putting the product to the test.

Although the Playstation 5 has amazing specs and can run 4K resolution at 120
frames per second, some game titles or applications will actually slow down the frames
leaving you with a very similar feel and look to the Playstation 4. This is caused by one
of two possible reasons: either your TV or router is not compatible with the Playstation’s
capability or it is Sony’s hardwiring decisions. Sony installed a variable refresh rate into
all Playstation 5 consoles in order to ensure the smoothness of games and applications.
While this may seem like a perk for the gaming community, it actually restricts the next
generation feel of the console.

Sony consumers paid roughly $500 on release day and possibly even more if
you happened to purchase your console through a reseller to essentially receive a
Playstation 4 with shiny new cover plates and a controller with pressure sensitive
triggers. Sony knew that the majority of users would run into an issue with the high
resolution and frame rate, leaving the public with the choice to live the same gaming
experience as the prior generation or pay more money upgrading their internet
equipment to see the full effect of what the future of gaming can do.

For a more in depth explanation, watch this video:

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